Pallet Wrapping

pallets of stock for sale are used commonly to wrap or fasten the goods in the warehouse of any manufacturing firm. The film is stretched tightly around the package and then the tensile strength of pallet wrap film increases. This film is used so that the crate remains safe during pallet truck storage or transportation. This will keep the goods packed and bound. The film is wrapped either automatically or semi-automatically by the use of machinery. It can also be wrapped by hand. As the film is sticky and thin thus there is no need to glue or staple them and even tie a knot.

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The plastic wrap film comes in wide variety of colours. This is done so as to organise the products by colour. Most of the companies use black film to completely wrap the products. Some manufacturing companies order them especially that contain the company's logo and contact information. Depending upon the pallet truck vulnerability of the some products, the film is required to provide extra protection. Thus there are various types of pallet films that are designed to serve different purposes.

These include-

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Stretch film pallet wrap

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Polythene plastic pallet wrap

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Perforated pallet wrap

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Pre-stretched pallet wrap

Out of all these the polythene plastic form is the oldest form of film that is still in use. It has high tensile strength. It protects the goods from dust and getting destroyed. As this wrap is transparent it is easy for the workers to identify them by simply putting a mark. The perforated types of plastic pallet wrap film have holes on its surface. The film is designed to serve some of the special needs such as to keep them cool and fresh. In addition, they are wrapped around the products which include beverages, ice-cream, vegetables, cheese and plants. This type of wrap prevents any bacterial or fungal attack on the products.

The pre-stretched films are those which are stretched before they are applied on any crate. The worker applies it simply by walking around the packed goods. In practical terms, they have various advantages. Some of them are high tensile strength, have less quantity of film used and create an integrated pallet. They are designed in such a way so that they can be used efficiently and performance level must be improved than before. One of the most amazing characteristic of the pallet wrap is that they are anti-flammable and water proof. One must always make a note not to apply high tension on the cardboard box as it could harm products inside. Moreover one should not apply so many layers. Pallet wrap film provides a guarantee of additional security.